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My Story

My Scentsy Story

I joined the Scentsy family in October 2014. 
I am a Canadian married to and Irishman which brought me overseas in 2010, we were just married and pregnant and excited on the new adventure, we landed in Ireland in May 2010, in july 2010 sadness came and we lost our lil prince Noah at 3 weeks old, devasted and in a new country is very hard being away from family and home is tough at anytime but specially when things like this happen, it was a dark time for us, and at the end of December 2010 we found out we were going to have another baby, omg I was scared and happy all at once, I had lost 2 before Noah, we had a beautiful son Andre I adopted at 8 month old now 20 time flies hes my first miracle x all was going well till that day in April shopping at Ikea I felt something was not right, the next morning went to hospital and sure enough the news was not good, our lil baby I was 19 weeks and we had a hole in the cervix and a infection nothing they could do they put me in a room and told me it was just a matter of hours before we misscaried our lil baby i was scared not wanting the nightmare to start all over again 10 months later, they laid me on my back and i could not move at all not get up not use washrooms nothing i was laying there with feet up in the air wating to misscarry, well someone had a different ending for me, i was laid back in that bed non movement for 9 weeks, lil miss Hanna placed her head in the hole and blocked it and each time they did a ultradsound she would wave, I was in hospital for 116 days for her, and a year to the date my waters broke for Noah, Hanna Heaney was born and she is now 8 years old and my miracle number 2, now after being in hospitals for nearly 2 years since moving, I did not know anyone here in Ireland except husband and his family, I needed something I was a stay at home mom cause i was too scared to leave my lil family I wanted the chance to watch them grow up and be there for them, your life changes when you loose a child x

A friend of mine I met in the hospital over those 16 weeks, that we became friends was selling Scentsy, and for her was a hobby, she had spoken to me about joining but I wasn't sure, after a few times of her trying to convince me she did, its the best thing I ever did, 5 years later I am a Director with an international team of Scentsy Sister and Brothers whom I love dearly like my own family

Fast-forward to now end of Aug  I know I made the right decision, I love my job, I love being CEO of my own business, getting out there and meeting new people, new friends I  love my job (can you really call having fun a job? I have won awards my first being my shooting  star award in the first 15 days of joining, and have gone from 20% commission to 25% .I've earned  my first Scentsy incentive trip back in 2016 a cruise to Cozumel Mexico and better yet I am going on the cruise with six ladies from my personal team from all over the world. Then I earned my second Incentive a trip to Rome, then another cruise to Caribean, we have been all over the world, from New York, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jamaica, Haiti, Cozumel Mexico, Orlando, London, Amsterdam. Edinburgh, Belfast and it goes on and on   Best of all  I can stay home with my kids which I love.

More important to me than the awards and rewards though is the friendships I have made within our team and across Europe and the USA/Canada/Australia and Mexico thanks to Scentsy.  Everyone in Scentsy is kind, caring and will offer endless help and support.  I have also learnt so many new business and personal skills (writing for blogs, video making/editing, SEO and website building, design and display etc).  Personally, I have developed confidence in myself on my Scentsy journey. 

xo shelly